Thursday, April 23, 2015

Stop wasting toilet paper with this trick

Being from a big family and then having nine kids, you can imagine that my mom has learned a lot of helpful trick over the years and this trick is one of them. If you put your toilet paper roll “under” (viewed as wrong or backwards to 70% of the population, including my mother-in-law)

you decrease your chances of walking into the bathroom and finding that your child or cat did this...

Growing up we always put our toilet paper "under" and now I do the same thing to try to prevent my 1 year old from unrolling the whole thing! I just have to remember to put it on the "right" way when I am at my mother-in-laws!


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  1. There are manners that makes us humans and when we break those, we are more like animals than humans. The blog in the form of blog is depicting the same situation that people should not waste the toilet paper because it is costly.

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