Thursday, March 5, 2015

Get a Pre Purchase Inspection When Buying a "New" Car - Quick Tip Thursday

Do Yourself a Favor and Get a Pre Purchase Inspection

For today's quick tip, I wanted to encourage anyone who is buying a used car to get a... 
Pre Purchase Inspection!!! Some day in the future there will be a whole blog post on how to save money buying a car (or used car).

(This is our new (to us) Beauty that I pretty much stole on Craigslist)

You can usually get a pre purchase inspection at any reputable mechanic. I suggest calling around to see who offers one and how much it costs.

We got ours at Christian Brother's Automotive for around $30. They meticulously went over every little detail of the car and recorded the condition. When they were finished they gave us a hard copy of the checklist that we could then take to the seller. Click here for more info about their pre purchase inspection. 

Here is why this is good:

1) You know everything that is wrong with the car before you buy it
2) You know what condition things that wear out are in like brakes and shocks
3) If the vehicle has been lacking general maintenance you can be more cautious in general
4) It gives you bargaining leverage 
5) You can more securely and confidently buy from a private source versus a dealer (cheaper)
6) Peace of mind!

A little extra tip here...PAY CASH FOR YOUR CAR!

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  1. I found to test my used car (this is Ford Focus) I was interested in questions related to accidents, repairs and whether this car is legal. In general, you can also check and test your vehicle and also get more information about your "still new" car. So I advise.