Thursday, March 12, 2015

As a parent the best way to save money is to... used. It is easy to buy used at mom to mom sales, garage sales, consignment shops,  Goodwill, or Craigslist. For our local readers in West Michigan, there is a great opportunity to save a ton of money by buying used at the Just Between Friends Sale. Unlike shopping at mom to mom sales or garage sales which can be stressful and overwhelming at JBF sales all of the items are pre sorted and organized which make easy to find the gender, size, quality and price you want. 

And the best part...during the last two days of the sale all items (except those with an *) are ½ off!!!! So tomorrow, Friday, March 13th from 9am-8pm and Saturday, March 12th 9am-3pm plan to save some dough by buying used! (28th Street Showplace, 1256 28th St SW Wyoming, MI) Click here for more details. (Just realize that all of the super cute stuff will be gone because someone like me already bought it :p )

Again, for our local readers, Grand Rapids holds a JBF sale every 6 months so you only need to figure out what items and clothes you need for the next 6 months and then plan to come to another JBF sale in the fall.

Just Between Friends Sales are held throughout the US so go to their website to find a sale near you!

If you want to save even more money you can sell your items at the sale as well. Those that sell at the sale get to shop before the general public AND if you volunteer at the sale you get to shop early. I volunteered 4 hours organizing shoes for the sale. (Check out the picture below of all of the shoes I organized).


So I got to shop on Tuesday and I am proud to say I got over 30 pieces of clothing, 3 hats, 2 swimsuits, a bike helmet, infant sled, baby swing, wooden gate, laundry soap, cloth diapers, car mirror, sling, 2 puzzles, and 5 pairs of shoes for only $212! Yes, I know that sounds like a lot of money but I would have easily spent three times that much if I bought new. 

just between friends purchases.jpg

Also as a volunteer I get to shop today (Thursday) and get ½ off starting at 5pm. I cannot wait to see what other treasures I can find and it should be extra fun because I can bring two friends who also get ½ off!

A way to keep yourself in check when going on a spending outing like this is by making a list! I like to make a spreadsheet of what I already have and what I need. IT ONLY WORKS IF YOU USE THE LIST….cough cough, I may have overspent myself. You can find more pointers about what is needed for a new baby (without breaking the bank) by checking out our previous post about having, The Ultimate Baby Registry.


  1. I'm trying to research on baby swings and I've been looking at a few recently. I've come across different models from brands like Fisher-Price, Graco, Ingenuity and a few others. As an experienced user, which of these brands do you think is the best for a young baby?

  2. Being a parent myself, I would say that the two items which are utterly important for you and your baby's piece and comfort are a pillow and a baby swing. Per my experience, the ideal size of a
    baby swing should be about 16? x 14?.
    Glad to see such an informative blog for all the parents out there. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thank you for this article, gives me some perspective. There are so many things that people waste their money on. From baby toys to unnecessary items. Some of these things don't make life more interesting like people think. And thank you for supporting the saving culture that people are almost forgetting.

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