Thursday, February 19, 2015

Quick, Easy and Free Fire Starters

Save your dryer lint and used toilet paper rolls to make quick and easy campfire starters


  1. Collect and save your dryer lint each time you empty your dryer lint trap. We collect our lint in a plastic bag hung on the door knob to the laundry room. 0212151028a.jpg

  1. Save used toilet paper rolls (works with paper towel or wrapping paper rolls too but you may want to cut them to be shorter).
  2. Roll up dryer lint and push into toilet paper rolls. It may take multiple loads of lint to fill your toilet paper roll.

  1. Put finished product back in your storage bag/container with your saved lint or put with your camping stuff. When we pack for camping I just take a full plastic bag of prepare fire starters and the leftover lint.


  1. Place fire starter in a fire pit or wood furnace with some kindling and light toilet paper roll with a match.

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