Thursday, February 26, 2015

Don't throw away your MONEY!

Don't throw away stale cookies, donuts, cake I mean MONEY! Throwing away dried out baked goods is the same thing as throwing away your money. If you paid to buy those baked goods or paid to buy the ingredients to make those baked goods then you should eat every last bite. Even throwing away just one cookie is wasting 4% of your money (that you spent on those cookies)!

Let's put that into perspective...pretend you make $50,000 a year and you throw away that last cookie (4%) in every area of your life. It may seem like nothing but with that mentality in one year you would have throw away $2,000! Now that will make you think twice next time you decide to just throw away something that you paid good money for!

So what do you do with stale baked goods? them by placing a piece of bread with the stale baked goods in an air tight container. Wait a couple of hours and you will have a soft cookie again! And if you don't think you will eat all 24 cookies (which never happens for me unless I make a double or triple batch) put the extras in the freezer for later. Or make extra on purpose and plan to freeze some. I usually have extra muffins, loaves of bread, banana bread, cookies, and other goodies stocked up in my freezer. You can also re purpose a lot of those goods into crusts and crumbles to be used in new recipes (think Chopped Leftover Edition)!

Once you are done using the slice of bread, which has now become stale, make sure not to waste it! You can use it as panko, bread crumbs, or bake into croutons.

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